Quality and Certifications

DF Elettronica has always focused on product quality, from paying particular attention to the whole production process, to staff training and updating of technologies used.
To act in quality is and has always been the primary focus of work, as a necessary foundation for growth in the business sector of those companies that offer assembly services for electronic boards and, not least, for a full satisfaction of the Customer requirements.
Just this career choice has allowed the company to grow and expand their internal skills, while maintaining high quality standards and being able to be competitive on the market.

The ISO 9001 certification was obtained, since 2001, and it is thanks to this work ethic that it has been maintained and updated over the years.

After decades of success and experience, the company maintains the goal of providing a service that meets the demands of the market, optimizing the organization, paying attention to the choice of suppliers and components, implementing new technologies in the process production and use of highly qualified and continuously updated staff.

And it’s exactly on this teamwork that DF Electronics has based its quality policy, under which the Direction fix every year congruent and measurable objectives, with the ultimate goal of achieving a significant and continuous improvement in all activity areas.

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“Quality, availability, flexibility, competence and competitiveness are the market demands that DF pursues.

The company aims to constantly improve processes and activities:

– Automating, refining and introducing the necessary technological innovations;

– Pursuing the reduction of non-value added activities in order to increase the company’s competitiveness.

DF Elettronica aims to increase not only their competitiveness, but also the one of the companies for whom it acts. In fact, only offering a qualitatively valuable service and proving its ability to continually improve DF Elettronica can ensure a committed and loyal customer base and thus ensure its commercial success.
Relationships with suppliers and customers are based on solving the supply issues through clear agreements, which ensure the company, customers and suppliers a fair profit.

Considering the current market situation, the Management, while providing the utmost commitment to ensure the jobs in place, expects full cooperation and accountability in carrying out their tasks out of all employees and collaborators, and a great attention to the cost-containment and the elimination of losses.

Conflict Minerals Policy

DF ELETTRONICA in compliance with international standards supports, in all its forms, the fight against violence, human rights violations and environmental degradation with respect to the extraction and marketing of gold, tin, tantalum e tungsten (commonly referred Conflict Minerals) coming from the geographical area defined as “Conflict Region” such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and other neighbouring countries

In compliance with what has been established in the US by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regarding the use of “Conflict Minerals” (Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010) in which it is required that the manufacturers inform if the products made by them contain “because needed for the operation and / or production” such minerals, DF ELETTRONICA is committed :

  • To not find, consciously, no component and / or consumable material that may contain the aforementioned metals from the geographical area of ​​“Conflict Region” ;
  • To require all their suppliers correspondence with these requirements and to implement and maintain a process of evaluation and tracking of their own supply chains (starting from raw material to finish the distribution) to make sure that the metals indicated are from mines and / or foundries outside the “Conflict Region” and mines and / or smelters that even if within that region have been “certified” dby third parties and independent as “Conflict Free”.

DF ELETTRONICA requested and received (or is about to obtain) from all its suppliers information on the origin and / or source of raw materials (gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten) used for the production of components and of all products used and supplied by DF.

The DF Elettronica commitment to all its customers, is to provide products that do not contain “Conflict Minerals”. “Conflict Minerals”.

In case the use of “No-Conflict Free” minerals is found within any component, material and / or parts purchased from DF ELETTRONICA, all necessary actions will be taken to make that product “Conflict Free”.