The client is always at the heart of the production process

The assembly processes are highly automated

In DF Elettronica it is always daytime


DF Elettronica is a technologically advanced company that operates in the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services). Nearly four decades of experience in electronics, have led DF Elettronica delle to the development of highly specialized skills, making it able to offer and guarantee a complete and highly qualified service.

boards and electronic devices.

Our work begins and ends with the customer; we are able to comprehensively accompany you from engineering to production, testing and packaging of the finished product.

Our Strenghts

Behind a company there is a methodology.
In DF Elettronica we have three key words that identify our work ethic and approach to workflow.


how, when and why

Each product is combined with a marker that allows you to keep track of every detail of the production process and the individual components of the same, leaving no space for doubt or error.


Small but great

The size of the company and its internal organization allow us to make dynamic work, optimize resources, costs, and to fully meet the customer needs.


Efficient and effective

It is automation what increases performances and quality of the production process, so the man is no longer a possible source of error, but the certainty of added value to the product.

df data matrix bianco

A small code gives voice to every product, telling its whole story.
DF Elettronica cares about transparency for the customer and the quality of production. That’s why each card is embossed with a Data Matrix code that tells the story of the individual product and provides all detailed information that interests it.
In this way any intervention that was done is recorded, the technologies used, the origins of the components, the final destination, and more.

Come visit us and our production department.
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