Production Process

The Production Department allows DF Elettronica to differentiate among the companies of this sector. The continuous search for optimization of the process, through the application of new technologies and the updating of its staff, permit to realize with care either small samples and large production lots.

The strength of the process is the full traceability of the product, from the beginning to the end of the production cycle, and the traceability of each component. A small data matrix, which is imprinted on each board produced in the company, contains the history of the entire production process of the product.

This way the company can monitor every development, the complete origin of the smallest component, the working times and consequently raise the standard of quality and to minimize the risk of error.
In addition, the customer can monitor the entire production process of the item in all its aspects, from order to delivery.

Customer Order

The staff works closely with the customer from order receipt, making available its expertise and advising on the most appropriate technology choices for the product that you intend to accomplish.

If necessary, DF Elettronica technicians are able to advise and follow the customer during the engineering phase of the product, from the choice of the component to the layout definition and forecasting of the most appropriate test techniques.


Materials Purchase

The purchasing department is responsible for finding, among the world leaders, the most appropriate companies for the supply of components.
DF Elettronica always employs high-level partners knowing that good raw materials are the basis on which to build a great product.

The warehouse is highly automated. For each stored component, a unique code is assigned, which tracks the characteristics of the component, associating the customer code. All this information is given on the label, affixed at the delivery of the material, using barcode and reference number to the supplier’s delivery note.



The dedicated management system, that DF Elettronica has developed and improved over the years, allows full traceability. This system, in turn integrated in the administrative management system, includes management of customer orders, material kits, documents, production and testing reports. With this tool, the staff of DF Elettronica weekly schedule jobs to send into production and coordinate with the purchasing department for the management of any missing items and their relevant replenishment.

The entire production stream, in every single stage, follows the criteria and techniques developed through years of work, to ensure the highest level of traceability. The most convenient level of traceability can be defined with the customer for every single product, so that it can take into account and meet the specific needs of each customer.



The Production Department employs highly advanced technologies optimized by DF Elettronica technicians to achieve the best possible production process. The production line is fully automated and organized to achieve high performance and high reliability, so as to reduce production times and costs, increase the quality of the product and allow a high process flexibility.

The final testing is accurate and adaptable for large production runs or complex boards, so as to maintain a constant and high level of control and ensure the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency.
The equipment that DF Elettronica has adopted for the controls are of the highest level.



At the end of the production cycle, the boards are packed in appropriate static-safe containers.
DF Elettronica is able to carry out the product delivery (even directly to the end customer) either with its own resources and in close collaboration with leading logistics operators.